CEP Women's Compression No Show 3.0 Running Sock



Although these socks are invisible you can clearly feel their effect! The Compression No Show Socks 3.0 for women fit even better on your foot.

The special cushioned areas soften each of your steps and make the sports even more pleasant for you.

Prevent blisters while running – by using the No Show Socks 3.0 for women. The fit and blend of materials work against blisters. At the same time, they ensure that your invisible socks always stay put no matter how you move.

The women’s No Show Socks 3.0 provide fresh, powerful and enduring feet, without being visible!

  • The skin-tight and anatomical fit of the women’s no show socks prevent them from slipping.
  •  No formation of blisters due to the clos fit and high-quality material.
  •  Anatomically cushioned areas in the foot provide reliable damping during sport.