EventClip, world's 1st and best selling pinless number fastener!

Keep your Race Number Safe and Secure with EventClips snap-lock bib clips. Bevelled backs less than 2mm thick. Guaranteed not to rub, less than 1gsm each. Re-usable made in the UK with Recycled Plastic.

So how do the Event Clip pinless number fasteners work?

Use through only single layer, make holes or slits with pen tip, hole punch etc.
or fold corner over and make a 3mm slit with teeth.

  • Place the top on a flat surface
  • Put Studs through holes in number
  • Place number on top
  • Marry up with the BackClip and Snap-Lock

    To remove

    Remove top & turn inside out Prise the BackClip up from the Flat Edge first