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Midlife Crisis Belfast Marathon 2023 Training!

Preparing my middle aged body for a London Good for age time has gotten off to a shaky start!

Last weeks training kicked off with 400m repeats, were I managed to finish with quite a sore calf muscle. Now, my stretching regime usually looks like this👇

Not good, I know! But stretching and rolling protocols were enacted once the problem arose and the calf sleeves were also applied! The protocols and sleeves have so far managed to keep it at bay!

The rest of last weeks training, which was completed relatively pain free, consisted of a steady paced 10 mile run, a 1-5-1 and of course long run Sunday which was a steady 18 miles. All in all, a whopping 4 days running 😲  

The stretching and rolling protocol will remain in place until the pain has subsided slightly and then the normality of blissful ignorance shall resume!!!

Let us know how your marathon training efforts are coming along?  

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